The Loo & Lou gallery’s « Atelier » is a new space permitting another time of exhibition for works of art, this allows as well the encounter around specific pieces and/or of an artist with his public.
It also gives the opportunity to show the work of young artists and to create propositions echoing the official program.

12.05.17 – 10.06.17

François Borie is a French artist, specialized in paintings and drawings. These last few years, François Borie moved his work to a graphic exploration and  automatics drawings, with surrealists inspirations.

François Borie always draws the repetitive forms of his characters, who link together and embrace each other. They are the same characters but they are always different. We perceive in his universe this obstinate desire to create the variations of one same theme. A feeling reinforced by the multiplicity of his figures and his artworks. The artist creates a proximity between the spectator and this ballet of moving shadows. Between opacity and lightness, hardness and weightlessness, the look is engaged in a complex tensioning game in which the void and the full appear to cohabit within the framework of the work and the exhibition space.