Florian MERMIN




21.06.2018 – 03.08.2018

« Il est ici irréparablement, jamais ailleurs. Mon corps, c’est le contraire d’une utopie, ce qui n’est jamais sous un autre ciel, il est le lieu absolu, le petit fragment d’espace avec lequel, au sens strict, je fais corps« .
Le corps utopique , Michel Foucault, 1966

A slight oscillation gathers the works of five artists, offering a view on this curious partner called body. Michel Foucault, in his conference « Le coprs utopique » in 1966, describes it as a confinement, an « ugly shell of [his] head » in which utopias are born. The true utopia would be a place out of every place, where we would have a body without body, bright and clear. Here, in this dark place, the artists exhibit stranges objects revealing their own personal utopias. Hands, gloves, seconds skins, chair and cape shine in this ancient curiosity cabinet. The objects, both organics and unsusuals, live in the same place and share among them.

The works of this exhibition tell the great gap between what happens within us and what happens in the vastness of the universe ; the power that our emotions sometimes have, a shake almost imperceptible in the world.  The body is a strange travel compartment and our relationships with others spread through it ; physical proximity is often the promise of emotional distance, and vice versa. Man escapes the body through dreams but it is the hands which make the artist. As Henry Focillon mentions in his « Eloge de la main » (1934), the man who dreams cannot create for his hands are asleep «  art is done by hands ».

In his book A slight oscillation, Sylvain Tesson describes the daily work of a diary as a possibility of saving itself of a chaos both intern and extern. It is the same scheme for the artists of this exhibition : create in order to smooth the inner effervescence.