"Many years ago, the need to place my hands in soil, in organic matter imposed itself on me and became something of vital importance. Smelling it, kneading it, crumpling it, smashing it, and clawing it until the matter is formed... Clay is a living material that dictates its own laws, demands attention and a particular listening to. She is my guide, there are only my fingers, no tools between the clay and me. A fight with bare hands, a fierce and wild battle that creates a balancing game. I look for flaws, flirt with danger, and explore the ultimate point of junction and balance. This is the moment when everything changes, where the accident springs forth, when the encounter occurs, which gives life to the creation, when the clay asserts itself. A sculpture is born.

Seven years ago, I discovered porcelain and with it, a desire to find softness in my works. At this moment, she decided to place the monsters with tortured forms sprung from a fight with raw material aside, and confront this new medium, its purity, and its delicate nature. Magic happened, and I understood very quickly that the only way for this material to take shape is to give it love and patience. My method would not work with violence, but with tranquility.

My sculptures are inspired by the female figure, specifically regarding the themes of birth, chaos, and death. But, also, of rebirth! There is this sense of urgency within me: I have to create, non-stop,  whether it starts with a sensation, a word, an image that I obsess over or that imposes itself on me at the time. Life is not permanent, since we don't stop being reborn, don't stop disappearing, or not yet having been... "


Année Ophélia, group exhibition, Axelle Gaussen Gallery, La Rochelle, France.
Exhibition, Ibugallery, Paris, France.
Exhibition, HOMA, Lisbon, Portugal.
Group exhibition, Les flâneries d’Aix en Provence, Aix en Provence, France.
Exhibition, La galerie d’Art, Lyon, France.
Parcours d’une vorace, exhibition, Vivienne Art Gallery, Paris, France.
Group exhibition, Suspenso, Lisbon, Portugal. 
Le Blanc, group exhibition, Caroline Tresca, Paris Gallery, France.
Art Stage, gallerie YenakArt Villa, Singapour, Singapour.
Nature, group exhibition, Caroline Tresca Gallery, Paris, France.
Exhibition, Caroline Tresca Gallery, Paris, France.
Exhibition, YenakArt Villa Gallery, Bangkok, Thaïlande.