Anna De Leidi
    The queer art of failure - tra il dire et il fare (2022)
    28,8 x 21 cm
    760 euros

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    Image: Anna De Leidi


    For this first collaboration between Anna De Leidi and the Loo & Lou, the Italian artist is invited to invest the walls of the Atelier with a set of collages started during the isolation of the first confinements.

    Starting from an intuition, Anna De Leidi draws from a stock of various clippings, archival images and magazines to assemble them according to an artistic and personal development nourished by references to the history of art and political life – in particular the artistic avant-garde and the protest movements. The superimposed archival images accumulate layers of meaning, without denying the abstraction due to the fortuitous harmony of colors and shapes of the torn papers. Without any pre-determination, apart from that of this first intuition, the collage unfolds and composes itself to form a work embellished with an evocative title, sometimes on the borders of poetry.

    The artist summarizes her research as follows: “Narrative, composition, color”.