Committed both aside young talents and acknowledged artists, the Loo & Lou Gallery opened in June 2015 with two exhibition spaces : one in the Haut-Marais area and one near the Champs Elysées, avenue Georges V in Paris. Those spaces give the Loo & Loo  Gallery the perfect playground to confront different visions and offer different and experimental approaches of the works. It also launch dialogues in between different artists. The spaces also give a bigger flexibility for developing a conversation with the audience, the artists and independent curators.

In 2017, the gallery opened a new space, next to the Haut-Marais space. The Atelier will give a second life to the past exhibitions and artworks and it allows to bring a complementary proposal to the current exhibition, (performances, « work in progress ») and it offers the possibility of a second time of exposure to some works already presented and is also dedicated to young artists.

The Loo & Lou Gallery spreads out its activity through an artistic direction open to every medium and nourished by various aspirations. Its program finds its cohesiveness in the choice of artists, often focused on the exploration of the living and inspired by the nature. Its program finds its cohesion in a choice of artists often led by a reflection on the exploration of life, body and portraits, and also inspired by the theme of nature. In 2018 it opens a new part of its programming: the « Carte Blanche » is offered to independent curators that come to emphasize the inclination of the gallery to be open on the dialogue and to be ready to discover new approaches and new artists.



20, rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth
Paris 3ème
T. +33 1 42 74 03 97

Métro Temple (line 3)
Open Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 7pm