08.04.2022 – 27.07.2022

Loo & Lou Gallery is pleased to present recent works by the South African artist Andrew Ntshabele for his very first exhibition in France from April 1 to May 21, 2022.

Ntshabele has quickly developed a personal technique through painting figures in acrylic on large format supports made of collaged newspapers.

Andrew Ntshabele paints characters that he observes on the streets of Johannesburg as a reflection of the negative physical, socio-economic and political changes of the post-apartheid city of Johannesburg. Selectively choosing newspaper backgrounds with pertinent headlines, he paints over them with the resulting pressure and strain on citizens who live and work in a polluted city. Photographing and meeting his subjects around the city prompted him to investigate these difficulties in order to understand the root causes of the degradation of the city center.

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit, he feels that people should confront his art from a new perspective and try to find happiness in these difficult times. Within some of his more recent work, more joyful feelings are present. For this new series, he explored the work on a medium and large scale, using newspapers related to articles on Covid-19.