Joël Person participates in the second issue of the magazine L'Amour, launched on 03.23.22 at the Palais de Tokyo bookstore


Published on April, 2nd 2022

For his second collaboration with the magazine L'Amour, Joël Person contributes eight drawings to accompany texts of Frederic Pajak.

The theme of this second issue of L'Amour is intimate: "Contre l'actualité". In the same spirit as the first issue published in October 2021, various writers and artists are solicited to contribute in order to create a confrontation of opinions and feelings. This issue is intended "for a public that seeks to find itself in a daily life abused by the speeches and ideologies distorting public opinion" through the prism of art. 

Now available in bookstores in Paris
The magazine L'Amour, brought by Les Cahiers dessinés, explores current events against the grain in various forms - short stories, diary entries, drawings, etc. The launch of this issue took place on March 23, 2022 at the Palais de Tokyo bookstore. 
Frédéric Pajak is a writer, drawer, editor, curator and director, founder, and editor-in-chief of several magazines and journals featuring the work of writers and artists on specific themes.