Christophe Miralles
    Vitrail 1 (2023)
    Oil on glass
    31 x 26 cm
    400 euros

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    Born in 1970, Christophe Miralles is a Franco-Spanish artist who lives and works between Burgundy and Casablanca.

    His work is nourished by various sources that go back to its origins: from his Moroccan roots, one can note some Mediterranean influences coming from two shores, which resonate and never collide with each other. Spanish painting from the Golden Age undoubtedly sealed his relationship with light and compositions: we can see in his work the influence of figures such as Velázquez, Zurbarán or El Greco.

    Human figures suspended in the void haunt his canvases inviting worrying feelings and a certain nostalgia. These are depersonalized figures, devoid of identity, which remind us of Francis Bacon’s characters. The combination of simplified forms and subtle nuances in colors allows him to give an intemporal aspect to his paintings, where the material is the main subject.
    Miralles creates oil paintings on paper and canvas, and uses lacquers. He brought together a series for an exhibition at Loo & Lou Gallery entitled Territoire Unique in April 2018. His works spoke of humanity, travel, and tolerance. Colors burn through his canvases, engorging the space in flames wherein the ashes slowly fall on his large black papers. He is a painter anchored in contemporary society, a territory that he hopes is unique for all. This work was complemented and nourished by the exhibition Vertige du monde by the artist Flo Arnold, presented in collaboration at the Loo & Lou Gallery’s Atelier.

    He has received several artistic prizes, such as the Grand Prix Claire Combes of the Taylor Foundation in 2007, the Prix Azart in 2005 or the Prix Charles Oulmont in 2004, which he received with honors from the jury. His work has been the subject of numerous monographic exhibitions in France and abroad and his work is included in several collections. He has also participated in several fairs, including JustMad (Madrid, Spain) with the gallery Loo & Lou in 2019, the Marrakech Biennale (Marrakech, Morocco) or Art Up (Lille, France) in 2016.