Pierre Delavie

Loo & Lou Gallery - Haut Marais
10.02 - 18.03.2017

Pierre Delavie invests spaces from a contextual point of view, in order to reveal what he calls “ignored reality.” Though the gap he opens in “reality”, he offers us the chance to finally see what we look at every day (without really seeing it) in addition to what remains mysterious. Whether it’s through his monumental works in cities or in art galleries, he lends us his perspective in order to change our own.

Currently at Loo & Lou Gallery, next to the Place de la République, he tests urban memory. The artist paints and repaints traces, testimony of our past, present and future. His way of playing with what is “real” serves to spread awareness about various issues in the world today.

Photo canvas – linen canvas mounted on a locked frame, (…) able to reveal other possibilities as well. Traces of paint as unique testimony. Format 130 x 162 cm