Ahn Sun Mi

Loo & Lou Gallery - Haut Marais
12.11.2015 - 06.02.2016

Ten years after Sun Mi’s first self-portraits, the exhibition Gong Zone provides a new perspective of her work. A selection of ten photographs from 2007 to 2015, most of them unknow to the public, will present the artist’s new energy. The idea of coexistence is translated in korean by the term Gong Zone, and come across Sun Mi’s whole work in a game of discordance in which, the artist stands between two worlds. The process keeps her in an almost childlike universe.

Furthermore, in features an oniric arrangement imprinted with melancholy, the exhibition reveals the intimate progression and maturity of her artwork.Nature is not only a thematic of renewing our vision of Sun Mi’s artwork . It remains the major topic of these photographs, a universal heritage. "When I settled in France, I felt very nostalgic about Korea, remembers Ahn Sun Mi, nature was my only familiar presence, it became my shelter, my refuge. With years, it never stopped to nourish me, and this is where I drew my strengths from. My work fully witnesses the indivisible character in Korean culture of the idea of nature and being."