Draw This World

Dominique Lacloche

Loo & Lou Gallery - George V
18.09 - 31.10.2015
Dominique Lacloche, DRAW THIS WORLD, installation de Dominique Lacloche à la Loo & Lou Gallery, 2015, © Loo & Lou Gallery

The Loo & Lou Gallery George V, presents for the first time a video, Cinema Scale arranged in a room with a sound installation. (In collaboration with Thomas Bottini, composer, and who previously worked as a researcher at IRCAM). A video picturing an African river. The water has become red by the blood of fishes that fishermen are cutting and cleaning out in the water. Beautiful yet cruel, the camera seeks to references an unknown world. The sequence is about the relationship between time and scale, repetitions, and perpetual movement.Through the video, Dominique Lacloche also questions visual perceptions. The image is cut and worked, even going as far as in the visual grain texture. Almost comparable with the act of painting or sculpting. The gallery is displayed as a black box for this experiment and permits the audio video installation to evolve harmoniously.

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