Olga Ityguilova

Loo & Lou Gallery - George V
27.02 - 02.04.2016

In the series Hidden World, the artist’s studies of landscapes seek to break down the borders between photography and painting. They enable her to rediscover the sense of wonder she felt during childhood when contemplating nature, capturing during her rambles the reflections on the surface of a body of water, the curve of a shoreline or an eruption of sea spray. Photography offers her a way to seize the beauty of the world and reveal a hidden universe.

Olga never retouches her photographs but performs the same joyous ritual on each one: she cuts each photograph at a certain spot and then duplicates it to create a mirror image. This gesture establishes a connection between the real and spiritual worlds from which a vision springs forth. In the centre of each surprising and wondrous photos, the collision of the two images forms a totem teeming with details that evoke ancient civilizations. The image is gradually freed from its pictorial eld, offering a glimpse of a fantasy world populated with supernatural beings. Olga does not claim that these images offer proof of her beliefs; what they reveal is found in the margins of the image, mirroring our soul.