« PENA », tirage numérique, 2015


Olga Ityguilova is a Russian artist who grew up in Siberia near Lake Baikal, the cradle of shamanism, surrounded by a wilderness harbouring a hidden world. “I come from a country where the parallel world of spirits is very familiar” she says. “We live with them – they are part of everyday life!” During her childhood in the great outdoors, Olga explored nature in all its facets, especially in summer, when she ew over the tundra and taiga in a helicopter with her parents. When she was 12, she began to take black-and-white photos (colour prints were expensive in the Soviet era). From her teacher, she learned to develop her own vision.
At 22, Olga left her homeland and moved to Paris, where she worked in the fashion world while continuing her photographic research in a variety of areas.