Camille Grandval

Loo & Lou Gallery — Haut Marais
02.04 - 04.06.2016

The Lou & Loo Gallery presents a selection of new works and drawings by Camille Grandval. A self-taught artist with a curious nature, Grandval is a “jane of all trades” who has had a variety of professional and artistic experiences.

No matter what the project – the micro-sidewalks she made in the 1990s for Radio Nova during what she calls her “Impressionist period”, for example, or Narcisse, a video installation shown at the Église Notre-Dame du Travail during Paris’s Nuit Blanche – she throws herself body and soul into each adventure, always eager to learn and discover new techniques. Using a repetitive gesture, Camille Grandval draws lines with a kind of tremor that creates the vibratory, exploratory movement of a microscopic world. This spider-like weaving of wavy lines, attached to the drawing with pins, forms a closure that gradually becomes an opening, a new eld for all possibilities:

“As if there were an opening, a opening which would be an assembling, which would be a world, which would be that something might happen, that many things might happen, that there is a crowd, a swarming of what is possible …”

— Henri Michaux, "Miserable Miracle", The New York Review of Books, 2002, p. 9.