A self-taught artist with a curious nature, Grandval is a “jane of all trades” who has had a variety of professional and artistic experiences.
No matter what the project – the micro-sidewalks she made in the 1990s for Radio Nova during what she calls her “Impressionist period,” for example, or Narcisse, a video installation shown at the Église Notre-Dame du Travail during Paris’s Nuit Blanche – she throws herself body and soul into each adventure, always eager to learn and discover new techniques.
Grandval, a great traveler and sailor, worked with the theme of water for a long time, making drawings with crashing waves formed of multitudes of undulating lines.
A fervent admirer of Gertrud Goldschmidt, or “Gego,” Grandval shares with the Venezuelan artist an obsession with lines, whether imaginary or drawn on paper or with threads.
Grandval uses these lines to weave the metaphor of her own entropy through re ections on distortion, in the process inventing a new relationship with time, space and matter.