Aurélia Jaubert

The Atelier
9 November - 8 January 2022

"The Nativité tapestry is made from hundreds of scraps of different canvases and tapestries that were collected here and there. Assembled together like a collage and sewn into a kind of patchwork, these different pieces form a large fresco that can be described as 'pop’ due to its references to popular imagery and art history. Animals and characters evolve in varied landscapes where each scene follows one another in different depths of field: Millet and Chardin rub shoulders with Snow White, Renoir and Gauguin meet the Aristocats, and the Virgin presents a strange child to a fireman in the center a flurry of different situations. Nativité is one great, orchestrated bubble that could also be described as a collaboration since hundreds of other hands contributed to it, and it also pays tribute to these unknown female artisans. Together, these women and their work help form this ‘global' art piece."

- Aurélia Jaubert

This is Aurélia Jaubert's first collaboration with Loo & Lou Gallery. In 2020, Nativité received a special mention from the jury at the Contextile Biennial in Guimares, Portugal.

"From her first paintings of colored mortars that she collaged with her original photographs to her more recent tapestries, Aurélia Jaubert has been fascinated by the metamorphoses that can occur in imagery through their passage from one medium to another and the illusions they can engender. She has progressively left the traditional surface of painting for heterogeneous compositions, concocting a kind of utopian mixture that reflects a sort of historical crisis of representation. Through borrowing and combining different approaches (painting, textiles, photography, digital images, collage, sewing, sculpture, sound, music and light), Jaubert sheds a light on what is leftover. Her gestures of an artist and collector of objects are made apparent through her interest in subtle manifestations of nature (reflections, bubbles, shadows, traces…) that she inserts into a cycle that reinstates them with an unexpected aesthetic value, all the while managing to remain faithful to the original image. Dreaming about the fantastic destiny of small accidents or objects of everyday life (burrs, stains, drips, colored debris, decommissioned magnetic tapes, old swimming pool buoys, fabric samples...), Jaubert, an 'herbalist of the asphalt', weaves together modern ruins in order to reveal elegant, surprising, bizarre and unprecedented imagery." 

- Dominique Païni, independent critic and curator

Director of the Centre Pompidou (2000-2005)

Director of the Cinémathèque française (1990-2000)

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