From her first paintings composed of coloured mortars incorporating collages of her own photographs to her recent tapestries, Aurélia Jaubert has been fascinated by the metamorphosis of images, their passage from one medium to another, and the illusions they engender. She has gradually left the traditional surface of painting for heterogeneous compositions; a kind of utopian mixture to reflect the historical crises of representation. She favours mixing and diversion: painting, textiles, photography, digital images, collage, sewing, sculpture, sound and music, and light. To ennoble the remains, to be interested in the slightest of nature (reflections, bubbles, shadows, traces...) and reinsert them into a cycle of metamorphoses that erase the metamorphoses that erase the value of use and reinstate an unexpected aesthetic value.
These are as much the gestures of a collector as those of an artist who always remains faithful to the image.

Dreaming about the fantastic destiny of small accidents or objects of everyday life, smudges stains, drips, coloured debris, decommissioned magnetic tapes, old swimming pool buoys, fabric samples... So many modern ruins from which Jaubert, herbalist of the asphalt, attempts to reinvent through elegant, surprising, bizarre and unprecedented imagery.

-Dominique Païni, critic and independent curator, Director of the Centre Pompidou (2000-2005), Director of the Cinémathèque française (1990-2000)

Selected group exhibitions:
2022 La Ronde, Museum of Antiquities and Museum of Education, Rouen
My journey through tapestries from 1520 to 2020, Galerie Jabert, Aubusson
2021 L'Assemblage, une pratique médiumnique, Le 19 - Centre régional d'art contemporain, Montbéliard
TAMAT Museum, Tournai, Belgium
Museum of Art and Industry, La Piscine, Roubaix

Selected solo exhibitions:
2021 Faire tapisserie, Musée La Manufacture, Roubaix
Glaneuse, Stéphane Mortier Gallery, Paris
2019 3ème âge (le retour d' Ulysse), Atelier d'Alexandra Roussopoulos, Paris
2018 Lost in Hardiskland, Kamila Regent Gallery, Saignon
Flux & Remix, Togu art club, Marseille