Flo Arnold

Loo & Lou Gallery - L'Atelier
26.04 – 09.06.2018
Flo Arnold, Installation, papier hydrofuge sur laiton gainé, led, 600 x 340 cm, 2018 © Flo Arnold

Flo Arnold creates for the Atelier an installation called "Vertige du Monde". This germination of organic flows in backlit paper, with sound system, comes to devour the space like a luxuriant vegetation. The architecture of the place disappears under a spotless waterfall. The visual artist with this artwork emphasizes on the fact that each of us, in order to forget the dizziness of the world all around, must live in a borderless sphere, without limit in the search for an inner peace.


Vertige du Monde
Exposition du 26.04.18 au 09.06.18
VIDEO : Montage de l'exposition Vertige du Monde