Louise Frydman featured in the book "1 immeuble, 1 oeuvre"

published on January 7, 2021

La Fée des pétales (2017) Mobile Ceramic, 200 x 150 cm | Image : Vinci Immobilier © Carole Desheulles

Louise Frydman is featured in the new edition of the book "1 immeuble, 1 œuvre."
The artist obtained the prize "1 immeuble, 1 œuvre" in 2019 for her works Forêt blanche and La Fée des pétales.

Excerpt from the book. Image : Louise Frydman

More information about the "1 immeuble, 1 oeuvre" device of the French Ministry of Culture and the Federation of Real Estate Developers of France: https://www.unimmeubleuneoeuvre.fr/