The artist Joël Person in Rosa Bonheur's open air studio for a drawing performance

Published on June 07, 2022


With Rosa Bonheur and Joël Person everything is a story of horses galloping on monumental formats. First those of Rosa: her "Horse Market", a tour de force of the painter to demonstrate to the world that "genius has no sex"; then those of Joel: his "Breaking" of horses which exert on the spectator and the painter a fascination for these graceful and powerful beings. Half a century separates them, but undeniably, Joel is a child of Rosa. 

So for the bicentenary of Rosa's birth, Joel pays tribute to Rosa by continuing his "Déferlante", a 10 m long fresco. For 3 days, he puts down his brushes in Rosa Bonheur's open-air workshop: her park! And challenges himself to add 5 meters to his monumental canvas! He will be accompanied throughout his journey by musicians. Thus linking the 2 passions of Rosa Bonheur and Joel Person: music and painting.

This performance echoes Joël Person's exhibition "Déferlante" held at the Loo & Lou Gallery from May to July 2021.



Drawing performance

Friday 15th, Saturday 16th, Sunday 17th of July

All day - Free


Château de Rosa Bonheur

12 rue Rosa Bonheur

77810 Thomery

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