The catalogue of Joël Person's exhibition at the Haras du Pin available for sale at the gallery

Published on 22 June 2021

Dear friends ,

We are pleased to announce that the catalogue of Joël Person's exhibition at the Haras du Pin Sous le ventre d'un cheval emballé is now available for sale at the gallery!


The Haras National du Pin is pleased to welcome the exhibition of Joël Person. His nervous and delicate charcoal drawings lead us to a horse's movements, from their morphology to the artist's memories.

The exhibition "Joël Person, Sous le ventre d'un cheval emballé" (Joël Person, Under the belly of a wrapped horse) is aimed at all audiences and takes them on a sensitive journey to the heart of the equine world. Person's universe has found the ideal setting in this place. Heritage and creation are definitely faithful allies in the service of the Orne and the people of Orne, especially young people.

— Christophe de Balorre, President of the Etablissement Publique du Haras national du Pin 


Equus asinus

Joël Person is neither the first nor the last to draw horses. Numerous artists have devoted themselves to them, showing them alone and frozen in a pose, or else mounted by a rider too dignified, twisted in their nobility. I know nothing about the equestrian world and I don't want to know anything about it: I am content to examine the drawings - my friend, the writer Paul Nizon, considers the horse to be "the taxi of man". Poor beast, to be worked at mercy, "beast of burden" as we still say. What I see in Joël's drawings, apart from the appeal to realism - which may seem outdated and even old-fashioned, whereas it is only timeless - is the enigma that emerges from these large equids drowned in pencil and charcoal.

— Frédéric Pajak

The book contains the works from the exhibition, as well as texts on the artist's work, an interview, and a biography.

This catalogue is available for purchase at the gallery for 14.60€ ! Please contact us by email or phone (+33) 01 42 03 97 if you would like more information about the book.

- Loo & Lou -