Le Salon Loo & Lou

Dominique Lacloche
Serge Rezvani
Johan Van Mullem
Jean Claude Wouters

Loo & Lou Gallery - Haut Marais
12.01 - 02.03.24

L'Atelier Loo&Lou takes its place and becomes, for the duration of an exhibition, the Salon Loo&Lou. Designed to resemble an apartment living room with artworks on the walls, it combines the heterogeneous character of many collectors' interiors with a certain comfort.

Here, rather than a curatorial homogeneity, the chosen works resonate with a singularity in the technique or mediums used by the artists, and a color palette mixing blacks and whites.

The reason for this new exhibition format is a desire, a necessity, to bring to life creations that had previously lain dormant in Loo&Lou's storerooms.

The sofa, installed in the space so as to embrace the entire exhibition with a single glance, allows visitors to prolong their visit, creating the conditions for a more complete understanding of the works on display, or simply for a state of contemplation...