Lydie Arickx

Loo & Lou Gallery Haut Marais
16.11.2021 - 22.01.2022

Returning from Chambord…

After the spectacular and monumental exhibition Arborescences held at the Château de Chambord, Loo & Lou Gallery welcomes for the third time the artist Lydie Arickx: painter, sculptor, performer and major figure of the French expressionist scene whose work tirelessly celebrates the cycle of life. Supported by the Loo & Lou Foundation,  Arborescences is probably one of the artist's most accomplished exhibitions.

Lianescences is a kind of extension of Arborescences for an audience that would like to live or relive part of the experience of an outsized and protean proposal.

Lianescences is, of course, not intended to be a repetition of Chambord, but will highlight a works selected especially for Loo & Lou Gallery, and focuses on some the most important and remarkable pieces. Crucifixes symbolizing the 14 stations of the Way of the Cross, presented in the Chapel of Chambord, or The Evolution (Oscar), a bas-relief of bone and resin scaling at 200 x 300 cm will be presented, but an accent will be placed on a presentation of works by the artist, of a more modest format, belonging to the cabinet of curiosities.

"The qualifier 'expressionist' that is often attached to the work of Lydie Arickx could be considered reductive. Her work certainly distorts the figure, twists material and gives an account of the violence of the world. But her permanent research of new materials and new forms nourishes her work beyond any label, and which represents more precisely the fears, engulfments, rough, joyful moments and miracles with a sort of moving softness. Whether she uses canvas, concrete, earth, metal, fabric, 3D prints, concrete or ash, Arickx transmits an unparalleled energy that makes her one of the most inventive and engaging artists of her generation. After her projects at the Cordeliers convent, the La Piscine museum, the Conciergerie or Biron, she proposed at Chambord, for four months, an exhibition that is both sensual, powerful, and one that invites reflection on life and its forms, as well as highlights the porosity between mineral, vegetable and animal, each form inhabited by a breath that even death would not be able to finish, but simply entertain..." - Text from the exhibition Arborescences, Château de Chambord, 2021

Pour demander la liste complète des œuvres disponibles, veuillez nous contacter par courriel ou par téléphone (+33) 01 42 74 03 97.