Lydie Arickx

Loo & Lou Gallery - George V
13.09.17 - 20.01.18
Loo & Lou Gallery - Haut Marais 
15.09.17 - 20.01.18

Gravity in the proper sense is one of the four fundamental forces of the universe. The one that attracts the massive bodies between them, the one that creates us, structures and makes us turn around the stars of the cosmos. But not far from the inexorable falling bodies and laws of physics, Lydie Arickx is also interested in feelings, those who oscillate between gravity and careless weightlessness.

Painting becomes the incarnation of an energy given anew by the look. But when Arickx's painting is made of flesh and bones, her sculpture is much more mystical, as id it was disintegrated from the world from the very hand that created it. Earth becomes concrete, concrete becomes bronze, bronze becomes crystal, crystal becomes spirit.

Gravity thus becomes a path, a heavenly way from earth to weightlessness, passing through all the states of a cataclysmic creation that explodes and implants at the rhythm of an incantatory pulsation. The initial gravity becomes lightness and gravity gives way to joy ; the very one that invades the artist completing his work, or tearing off the canvas that did not want to be painted.

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Exposition du 13.09.17 au 20.01.18