Loo & Lou Gallery
From 20.03.19 until 11.05.19

After Raw in 2016, and Skin(s) in 2017, Arghael is presenting a new exhibition at the Loo & Lou Gallery entitled Metamorphe(s) where he prolongs his relationship with the body and accentuates his aerial and surprising figures.

The other face of Arghael’s drawings is the transformation of bodies, the metamorphous fusion. It tends to mix, to complexify the figures that evoke both ecstasy and pain in a paradoxical weaving of emotions. The body twists and levitates at the same time, creating a suspense, an enigma to decipher. The collusion of the sexes is also inviting herself in this alchemical dance. When he draws the body of a woman, he subtracts certain elements of his femininity to create an ambiguous intimate space. Arghaël provokes duels on his canvases, between the model and the artist, the violence and the sweetness, the man and the woman, the fauna and the nymph, the black charcoal and the pastels colors, the speed and the slowness, the movement and what is fixed, sensual caress and harsh wound.
His works are metamorphoses initiated by a "gaieté noire", a vision alive of the universe of bodies. The artist then invites the visitor to feel the canvas, to feel, in ricochet, this meeting that took place; and thus, he offers us to see a new flesh, fruit of this mutation of bodies.