Arghaël, a director of commercials and other lms, is fascinated by the human body, which he long studied through the lens of the camera and in the editing room. Gradually, he turned to another mode of expression, initiating an intimate dialogue with the body through his raw, sensuous drawings in charcoal.
In the exhibition, a selection of 15 works from a series of drawings gives shape to and makes sense of his way of seeing, to what it means to be human and to the mystery of the flesh.


Métamorphe(s), Loo&Lou Gallery, Paris, France.
DDessin, Loo&Lou Gallery, Paris, France.
Le Mur Rouge, Sceaux's City Hall, Sceaux, France.
SKIN(S), Loo & Lou Gallery, Paris, France.
Show Grow, Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, United-States of America.
Shades of Winter, Art Share, Downtown Los Angeles, United-States of America.
RAW, Loo&Lou Gallery, Paris, France.