09.02 – 13.02.2022
Booth F34
Citibanamex Center, Mexico City, Mexico

Jean-Claude Wouters

Loo & Lou Gallery has the immense pleasure to announce our participation in the contemporary art fair ZⓈONAMACO Foto for the first time.

Our proposal revolves around the universe of the belgian artist, Jean-Claude Wouters


Jean Claude Wouters (b. 1956) is a Belgian artist who has lived and worked in Brussels, Paris, Tokyo, Italy, Dubai and Los Angeles. He studied drawing from an early age, and moved on to ballet, filmmaking and various performing arts. Wouters shows an intense sensitivity to the nature of both the body and spirit. He works with three analog cameras: a 135, a polaroid, and a medium format 67, and uses 6x7 negatives in order to avoid photographic grain on his images. He asks his subjects to face a window, employing only natural light to illuminate them.

After developing and printing this original image, he rephotographs it and uses strong light from the sky that reflects into his lens’ aperture. He repeats this process several times in order to layer it with light, which gradually erase the appearance of the person. The final negative is printed in the darkroom on 80 x 100 cm matte Baryta paper, a unique copy which is then treated using selenium for preservation purposes, a method similar to one used to preserve photographs taken in the 19th century. This negative used is then dipped in sand and placed into a small wooden box which accompanies the