The work Justa I by Cedric le Corf presented in the exhibition Prétexte, du cheval à l'oeuvre at Haras National du Pin

Published on 18 September 2021

This exhibition includes some twenty contemporary artists, including eleven women artists. These artists, of all nationalities and from various disciplines (painting, sculpture, photography, art objects), express their questions through their artistic production. The figure of the horse is often a pretext for raising questions about oneself, others and society in general.

From 22 July to 7 November
The visit of the exhibition is included in the Haras du Pin visit, 9 euros for the normal rate and 8 euros for the reduced rate (free for children under 7).
- Open every day from 10am to 6pm -

Haras National du Pin
61310 Le Pin au Haras

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