ARBORESCENCES exhibition by Lydie Arickx at the Château de Chambord from 30 May to 17 October 2021

Château de Chambord
41250, Chambord

published on 20 April 2021

Lydie Arickx in her workshop for the newspaper SUD OUEST,  © Isabelle Louvier

The term "expressionist" that is often attached to the work of Lydie Arickx is reductive. It is true that her work distorts the figure, twists the material and gives an account of the violence of the world. But her constant search for new materials and new forms nourishes her work beyond any label, in order to express fears, swallows, harsh joys or miraculous apparitions, sometimes with a touching gentleness. Whether she uses canvas, concrete, earth, metal, fabric, 3D prints, concrete or ash, Lydie Arickx transmits an unparalleled energy that makes her one of the most inventive and engaging artists. After her projects at the Cordeliers convent, the La Piscine museum, the Conciergerie and Biron, she will be offering a sensual and powerful exhibition at Chambord for four months, which will lead to a reflection on life and its forms, highlighting the porosity between the medium, the plant and the animal, each form inhabited by a breath that even death cannot complete, but simply entertain.

Arborescences will present around 150 works (drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, etc.) by the artist. Many of them were created specifically for the exhibition. The event will run from 30 May to 17 October, health conditions permitting. Two public performances by the artist will take place on the afternoons of 12 and 23 April on the second floor of the castle.

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Château de Chambord © Martin Ruegner / Getty Images
Lydie Arickx in her workshop for the newspaper SUD OUEST,  © Isabelle Louvier