Born in France in 1973 and graduated from the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts Olivier de Serres in Paris. Lives and works in Vallée de Chevreuse (78), a few kilometers from Paris.

From painting to drawing, including sculpture, the visual artist SylC places humanity at the center of her work. Strongly tinged with dreamlike elements, her work reveals our true identity, our paradoxes, our dualities... By frequently associating the human with the animal or the plant, the artist highlights the ties woven between beings and those we maintain with nature. She emphasizes hybridization and metamorphosis, symbols of the complexity of our personalities, but also of adaptation, renewal, and the perpetual evolution of our identity. The bodies are treated with delicacy and transparency, as if to better detach the soul from the corporeal envelope. SylC is also interested in the delicate transition from childhood to adulthood, the loss of innocence that ensues, and our gradual construction as individuals.

As if to awaken us further, the artist deliciously plays with our senses, using the space between the viewer and the artwork as a revealer. She seeks to evoke intimate sensations and perceptions in us, bringing forth emotions and deep feelings that suddenly make us so human...

Through this approach, SylC appeals to our unconscious and unveils what is not visible. Her work strives to trace back to the origin of things, embarking on a journey to the source where the sayable and the unsayable collide. Behind SylC's ethereal and phantasmagorical visions, a certain reality is nevertheless discernible. But the artist encourages us, in the exploration of her mysterious work, to look beyond, urging us to discover new territories, infinite and still unknown to our perception.

SylC collaborates with galleries in France, Europe, and the USA. From the early 2010s, the artist dedicates a significant part of her work to several thematic projects, resulting in series such as Mothers, La ronde des chiens fous, Le parfum des saisons, Human Birds, Osmose(s), Avec ou sans cavalier, Deep into the Wild, and Reflet(s).

At the invitation of public institutions, her work has been featured in solo exhibitions, including at the Chapelle and Cloître des Dames Blanches (City of La Rochelle), the Chapelle des Jésuites (City of Chaumont), and the Château d’Eau (City of Bourges).

Present in public collections (FDAC de l’Orne, Cities of Le Mans, La Rochelle, Maisons-Laffitte, Guyancourt) and private ones, SylC is the recipient of numerous awards in Switzerland and France, including two from the Fondation Taylor. Four monographs have been published on her works in recent years.


Reflet(s), Loo & Lou Gallery, Paris, France
Un autre monde, Centre André Malraux, Le Pecq, France
Présence(s), Conseil départemental de l'Orne, Alençon, France
Galerie Paragone, Bergues, France
The Artistic red dot Gallery, La Saunerie, Parcé-sur-Sarthe, France
Comparaisons, Grand Palais Éphémère, Groupe "Résonances intérieures"
Supplément d'âme, Mairie de Bordeaux, cour Mably, Bordeaux, France
Les liens subtils, Galerie Openbach, Paris, France
Art Fair Lyon Art Paper, Lyon, France
Chapitre(s), Natacha Dassault Art Gallery, Paris, France
A season in Naxos III, Petalouda Art Gallery, Naxos, Greece
Collection du FIAA - Fonds international d'art actuel, Le Mans, France
A season in Naxos II, Petalouda Art Gallery, Naxos, Greece
Poésie, Galerie Estelle Lebas, Lille-Haubourdin, France
Art Fair Lyon Art Paper, Lyon, France
Avec ou sans cavalier, Centre Ianchelevici, Maisons-Laffitte, France
A season in Naxos I, Petalouda Art Gallery, Naxos, Greece
Art Fair Lille Art Up, Galerie Audrey Marty (Saint-Malo), Lille, France
Osmose(s), Galerie Olivier Rousseau, Tours, France
Résonance(s), Galerie d'art actuel socles & cimaises, Nancy, France
Works on paper, Galerie Audrey Marty, Saint-Malo, France
Humanimale, Chapelle des Jésuites, Chaumont, France
Ethereal Visions, Art in Gstaad Gallery, Gstaad, Switzerland
Gosti & SylC, Galerie Au-delà des apparences, Annecy, France
Human birds, Espace Saint-Pierre, Avallon, France
SylC, Hall Spassov Gallery, Seattle, United-States
Invited Puls'art, Pavillon Monod, Le Mans, France
Le parfum des saisons, Chapelle des Ursulines, Lannion, France
Trois expositions dans la ville, Chapelle des dames blanches, Cloître des dames blanches & Hôtel de Ville, La Rochelle, France
La ronde des chiens fous, Le Château d'eau, Bourges, France