Loo & Lou Gallery — George V
08.04 - 04.06.2016

For Tanc, the act of writing is like a performance during which he reaches what he calls ‘‘the state of the artist,” close to a meditative state. The gesture is so spontaneous that it becomes the oscillograph of his inner rhythm. ‘‘I paint with the beating of my heart”, he says. Since he creates his works on fresh paint, his time is limited, and each one must be nished in a single sitting. When painting, he looks like he is dancing or practicing a martial art in front of the canvas. This performance – at once meditative and energetic – pushes him to his physical limits. The works in the exhibition re ect the richness and diversity of his graphic palette. Tanc takes on the line like a second skin, a spectator of his own hand. This free gesture lets the form emerge without in uencing the result: alphabetical letters, ideograms, lines, loops and other ‘‘dancing bodies” cling together and are repeated, along with their embellishments, speeding up and slowing down in this ‘‘musical score.”

For some of the works, the artist painted by scraping at the first layer of paint, creating scribbles that evoke the inscriptions on stone of the rst scribes, giving the work an almost sacred air. After the first reading, during which the viewer reflexively tries in vain to decipher the “text”, the eye loses itself in the depths of the canvas and follows the meanderings of the lines.


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