Tanc was born in 1979 in Paris, where he currently lives and works.

What characterizes him is the uniqueness of his style, which becomes more easily understood when we learn that Tanc grew up with graffiti. He believes that street art is ephemeral and that the action can be more important than the result. For him “to be an artist is a way of life”, therefore there must be total investment and absolute integrity. At the beginning of the 2000s, he concentrated on studio work and immediately distinguished himself from traditional graffiti artists through his work based on the line, researching synthesis. First using his name, then that of general tags, then people, music, and finally, his favorite subject, life.

Essentially based entirely on the line, his work does not try to be perfect, instead it is spontaneous. The state he is in defines its density and rigor. His heartbeat activates his arm like a metronome, though he doesn’t try to control this flow but just to understand the composition that he makes appear in balance between the conscious and unconscious. He composes his music and his paintings in a similar way way.

He is dense or light, rigorous or unstructured, but Tanc does not play; he lives making his art. He signs his paintings with “Tanc” as he has signed walls with tags since his adolescence. This discipline is first and foremost an instinctive outlet of his need for expression: he reappropriates urban spaces by shouting his name to the city with force.

Soon, the letters disappear and Tanc engages in exploring abstraction. By concentrating his work on lines and colors, he renews the classical pictorial research by confronting it with the primary vivacity of street art: preponderance of action, perfection of gesture, acceptance of chance and expression of a strong singularity. Above all, his works strike with their intensity, their musicality, and the vibration of lights and materials. The action, energy, and emotion of the artist touches the spectator in a sensual, intimate, and immediate way.

Tanc has numerous group and solo exhibitions, notably in Germany (Skatlizers Contemporary Art), New York (Catherine Ahnell Gallery), England (The French Art Studio) and Morocco (David Bloch Gallery). He also participated in the Mois de la Francophonie at the French Institute of Beirut in 2013.