Haut Marais
17.06 - 30.07.2016

George V
17.06 - 12.08.2016

Loo & Lou is pleased to welcome in its two galleries (Rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth and Avenue George V) a new exhibition of the work of painter, sculptor and performer Olivier Sagazan. A selection of related paintings, sculptures and photographs will be on show in the two locations, most of them from a series recently created by the artist. In conjunction with the exhibition, Sagazan will also give a performance at the Théâtre Dejazet on June 15.

This new exhibition marks a turning point in Sagazan’s work, which for the past 25 years has focused on the human body. Recently, the artist has started a new series using a ‘‘sensitive material”, which he is keeping secret. It has inspired him to develop work that is more polymorphic than it used to be, with subjects that go beyond the human body to include the animal and vegetable worlds.

Loo & Lou Gallery – Haut Marais

Loo & Lou Gallery – George V

Reportage et performance

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  • No. 2

  • No. 3

  • No. 4

  • No. 5

  • No. 6

  • No. 7

No. 1 : Exhibition at Loo & Lou Gallery
No. 2 : Interview and Performance
No. 3 : Retour au Congo
No. 4 : Le règne du végétal
No. 5 : La leçon de biologie
No. 6 : Réveiller le spectateur 
No. 7 : Transfiguration