Sans titre, technique mixte, 130 x 161 cm, 2018 © Olivier de Sagazan


Olivier de Sagazan was born in 1959 in Brazzaville, Congo. He currently lives and works in Saint-Nazaire.

De Sagazan is influenced by his studies of biology, and is thus interested in life. Throughout his work, he seeks to establish a sort of genealogy of sensitivity, aiming to understand how at one moment in time, the inert matter structured in cells generated life and sensitivity.

For nearly 25 years, de Sagazan’s work has focused primarily on the human body. In addition to his visual works (paintings, sculptures, installations), de Sagazan creates performances where he uses his body as a support and covers it with clay and paint. Through choreographed gestures, he intervenes with his face and body, displaying the possibility of radical metamorphosis.

He works mainly with clay and grass, kneading and assembling it in order to create a "living" material. From these assemblages, a polymorphous world of characters appears within a kind of bestiary, where human becomes animal.


Movie with Qiu Yang, performance, Golden Gold festival, Taipei, Taiwan. 
Transfiguration, Performance, Théâtre Mac Orlan Festival La Becquée, Brest, France.
Performance, CERCO, Saragosse, Spain.
Gesture 01, performance, the Old Baths, Hackney Wick, Londres, England.
Corps-Textes (avec 5 danseurs), artist-in-residence National Scène of Saint Nazaire, Saint Nazaire, France.
Hybridation and Transfiguration, performance, masterclass, Theatre of Lazarists Monastery, International Forest Festival, Thessalonique, Greece.
11th, performance, international Puppet Festival, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal.
Exhibition and performance, Contemporary Cluster Gallery, Roma, Italy.
Transfiguration, performance, Festival Rencontre entre les Mondes, Chabeuil, France.
Exhibition paintings and sculptures, Vitoux Gallery Paris, France.
Exhibition, Musée d’art de Kauno M.Žilinsko galerijoje nuo lapkričio, Lituania.
Performance, Théâtre de Jérusalem, Jérusalem, Israël.
La imaginacion del desastre, exhibition, Buenos Aires Argentina.
Orlan et Olivier de Sagazan, BP17 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Généalogie de la sensibilité, colloquium and performance, Lieu Unique, Nantes, France.
Êtres Chairs, exhibition, Chapelle des Franciscains, Saint Nazaire, France.
Ugly as art, exhibition, Moa, Seoul, Korea.
Exhibition, Chapelle Sainte Anne, Tours, France.
Performance, Musée de la Croix Rouge, Genève, Switzerland.
Performance, International Mime Festival, Chuncheon, Korea.
Performance, théâtre Déjazet, avec la Loo&Lou Gallery, Paris, France.
Exposition galerie Loo&Lou Gallery, Paris, France.
Masterclass et performance, Central St Martin London, London, England.
SNACK, exposition, Power Station Of Art, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai.
Transfiguration, performance, Biennale d’art performatif, Rouyn-Noranda, Canada.
Transfiguration, performance, Festival Phenomena, Montréal, Canada.
Performance, Biennale, Shanghai.