You and I are earth

Olivier de Sagazan

Loo & Lou Gallery - Haut Marais
07.11.18 - 19.01.19

"From all phenomenons or outbreaks, proper to the living, the most admirable one is the apparition itself." Thomas Hobbes, by this outstanding ellipsis summaries the mystery of the flesh: conspicuous and psychic. 

Disfiguration in art is the Passage from the "Holy Face" to the "Head of Meat"; a cunning of the artist to try to unfold, to understand the mystery of the flesh, and finally to leave these collective hallucinations that lead to absurd beliefs. Paintings, sculptures, performances, remain for me attempts to seize the logic of the living and to discover its true face: how can the blind matter of the stone become more complex to become clairvoyant to the animal?

"Each living being is a sounding board, a unique "Place" from which a world for itself will open, even if it is a bacterium, a toad, or a human being. I would like to surprise and delight myself with the theater played in each organization."

— Olivier de Sagazan

After the exhibition Êtres-Chairs at the Franciscan Chapel, Olivier de Sagazan carries on with his exploration of the theme of the living at the gallery Loo & Lou which takes for the occasion the appearance of a curiosity cabinet.

"I work mainly with clay and grass that form a kind of mud. Technique used for thousands of years to build walls, but which is also exciting to achieve the support of a painting or sculpture. I deeply love this material because it speaks to our origins. All my exhibitions could actually be called You and I are Earth. There is in each of us a link to the earth that has brought life. The Earth, our planet appears to me as a kind of great vital organism that we must protect."

— Olivier de Sagazan