Vue de l'exposition "La folle qui rit" à la Loo & Lou Gallery — George V © Loo & Lou Gallery

Didier Genty

Born in 1956, Didier Genty lives and works near Paris. He studied art at the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux.

"I like muscles, blood circulation, the underside of the skin... Our identity is our DNA, invisible, inside. For faces, I prefer their imprint; I avoid the complacency inherent in the practice of self-portraits. My painting like the Folfiri, my chemotherapy, flows in the features of these bodies in jolts, slumped. From within things, flesh and moods swarm all over the surface and in thickness, the scratches of colour, the waxy, brutal and uncompromising features. A great fatigue, a bad taste in the mouth, the body is undoubtedly diminished, but the painting remains very much alive. It is a question of survival."

- Didier Genty


Comme Un, exhibition, Aera (book publication), Paris, France.
Artcité, group exhibition Aulnay-sous-Bois, France.
Artalents, group exhibition, Guyancourt, France.
Art’fice, group exhibition, Montgeron, France.
4 éléments, group exhibition, Sèvres Espace Loisir, Sèvres, France.
Figuration Critique Fair, Paris, France.
Minimenta, Paris, France.
Corps & Graphie, group exhibition.
Price of the Artension review, Sèvres Espace Loisir, Sèvres, France.
À corps perdus la femme à Barbe, Point Rouge Gallery Paris, France.
Ile été tant, collective exhibition, Carte blanche à Françoise Monnin, Samantha Sellem Gallery, Paris, France.
Carmen épouvantée, Viry-Châtillon, France.
Le modèle, Biennale of Issy-les-Moulineaux, France.
Group exhibition, Nikki Maquard Gallery, Paris, France.
Images numériques « DUO », with Sophie Sainrapt, Gallery Anne Lettrée, Paris, France.
COPART, exhibition, Barle-Duc, France.
Hymanu scorp, space Atelier, Paris, France.
Biennal d’Issy-les-Moulineaux, Issay-les-Moulineaux, France.
Exhibition, space Icare, Issy-lesMoulineaux, France.
Exhibition, space Esselières, Villejuif, France.