Kayip was born and lives in Seoul, after studying the urban architectural field, he leaned towards music. Independent composer and producer, Kayip quickly understood the limits implied by the commercial industry to the creative process and decided to study classical contemporary music in the United-Kingdom. From 2003 to 2007, he trained at the Birmingham Conservatory then at the Royal College of Music, where distinguished himself with two albums, Kayip, released in 2005, and Slow Moves, in 2007. The components of the singularity of his experimental electro universe, are already set : slow and hypnotic rhythms and introspective melodies  exploring the labyrinths of half consciousness trough tremendous landscapes.

Kayip quickly meat success. In 2007, the prize of the University of music in Aberdeen allowed him to create a piece for the Irish Symphonic Orchestra broadcasted by the BBC.
Back to Seoul, he multiplies collaboration : Brian Eno choose him to create a new live arrangement of his album, Apollo (1983), at the Scientific Museum of London in 2009, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 mission. Kayip’s concert during the 2010 Brighton Festival was remembered as the best performance. The young composer is one of the most renowned figures of the korean electro scene today.

Since 2012 Kayip questions the connections between sound and images through installations. In this way he has presented several achievements in Seoul, including collective exhibitions at the Kumho Museum, at the Ansan Dawson Art Museum, at the Seoul Culture Station 284, and in the framework of the Royal Court Festival, at the Changgyeonggung Palace