Tana Chaney

Tana Chaney was born in Sofia in 1978. She has been living in Paris since 1997.
She was first seized by art through art books in her childhood.
While studying in Sofia’s high school of applied art, she discovered matter – oil painting, watercolor and drawing – and gave birth to her desire of painting.
When she arrived in Paris at the age of nineteen, she got in to the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts (ENSBA) and graduated in 2003. There she studied with Vladimir Velickovic and Dominique Gauthier.
After her formation, she entered a period of latency and researches and where she went back to painting.
In her work she explores the body, the space within and its interactions with the outside, with nature, with, its metamorphosis, its moves, its momentum and contradictions beyond any scale of time.
The gallery Myriam Bouagal had her first solo show, “Corps”, in January 2014 and the second one with inks and paintings, “Ma place mon corps”, happened in June 2015.
In September 2017, she presented her work in the Arrivage Gallery in Troyes. For the occasion, she published a collection of inks and texts.
In May 2019, she exposed, with the Loo&Lou Gallery, a selection of her inks and paintings in the Museu da Carris at the occasion Just Lx international art fair (Lisbon, Portugal).
The Atelier of the Loo&Lou Gallery is displaying her new works through the exhibition “Éclats de nuit”. Renew the radiations, made either of fire, floods or fleshs lost in the night.