Jean Claude Wouters was born in 1956 in Belgium. I lived and worked in Italy, in Brussels, Paris, Tokyo, Dubai and Los Angeles.
Formed to drawing when he was young, he later get interested in classic dance, cinema and performance art.
After being formed and danced on the side of Maurice Béart in the late 70’s, Jean Claude Wouters became performer and film director. His work is then awarded in different international film festivals.
Since he was very young, he has been immersed in Early Netherlandish painting, which impress him and will determinate his relation with art and spiritualism. He is beside very attracted by Japan and practices the Zen since he was 15 years old.
He artistic approach, nourished by this double culture, oscillate between photograph, painting and drawing.
Multidisciplinary artist and iconoclast, he questions through his works the statut of the images and its relation to the visible.