Louise Frydman is a French artist born in 1989 in Paris. She set her art studio in Burgundy.
She graduated from the prestigious art school ESAG-Penninghen in 2012 and studied photography at ICP - International Center of Photography of New-York. For two years, she assisted the paper artist Sabrina Transiskus, on many projects including an exhibition with Sèvres - Cité de la céramique at Le Caroussel du Louvres.

Working with paper brought her to the use of clay, which has become her favorite matter to work with.
Her work consists mainly of white sculptures and mobile installations and is mostly inspired by nature.

When she met ceramist Jean-François Reboul in 2015, it enabled her to deepen her learning and affirm her artistic approach.
The same year she created her first monumental installation «La Fée des Pétales» for the Hôtel de Croisilles, in Paris.

In 2016, her sculptures were shown during a personal exhibition in Le Musée de la Tour du Moulin in Burgundy.
She presented her work in 2017 and 2019 at the Révélations art fair at Le Grand Palais in Paris. Louise now collaborates with luxury brands such as Hermès, Bonpoint, Yiqing Yin Haute Couture, she works for the real estate company Vinci Construction and sells her sculptures to interior designers such as Minassian Chahan. Her sculptures are currently presented at the designer Philippe Hurel’s showroom in Paris.

She works with the parisian gallery Amélie Maison d’Art since 2015.
The Loo & Lou gallery presented her work at the JustLX Art fair in Lisbon in May 2019. She prepares her first solo show at the gallery for November.
In June 2019, Louise Frydman received the Prize «1 immeuble, 1 oeuvre», presented by the Minister of Culture Franck Riester, for her collaboration with Vinci Immobilier.
She was also selected at the ICAA International Competition Blanc de Chine and her work is shown in Beijing until August 1st, 2019.