Johan Van Mullem is a painter, illustrator and sculptor who initially studied architecture. His interest in art dates back to his childhood, during which he tirelessly drew pictures of faces, a major theme in his work, going beyond portraiture. Van Mullem instinctively captures the essence of humanity hidden in timeless faces that are barely representative. A painter of movement and light, Van Mullem works with highly diluted printer’s ink, which he builds up in layers. Subject to the constraint of time, he always paints in a single stroke, without retouching his work.

This accumulation of transparent material reinforces the effect of depth of the painting of the painting, which then vibrates with its inner light, as if backlit. As a sensor of light, as a transmitter of an invisible reality, the artist opens through his compositions a window on an original memory which enters into intimate resonance with our senses, sketching the cartography of our deepest being.