Paul de Pignol

Paul de Pignol was born in Toulouse at the beginning of November 1965.
In 1984, he entered the National School of Fine Arts of Paris, in the studio painting of Pierre Carron. He realized his first sculpture « Fille au Ballon » in 1989, inspired by the Venus of Lucas Cranach. Little by little, sculpture took a bigger part in its work.

Drawing became particularly important from 2010, when he decided to dedicate a specific workshop to it in Paris. His studio in Montigny-sur-Loing became his workspace for his sculpture. Henceforth, a link is established as  an evidence between its disciplines. Paul de Pignol uses of a unique processus in his sculptures as wall as in his drawings, diving the spectator in an intimate substance. He focusses his work on feminine figures linking them with some universal themes : birth, life, death.
Throughout the study of woman's body the artist questionnes its function, its weight, its composition, its deconstruction and its presence back and forth between inside and outside.

Paul de Pignol's painting is an extension of his work and research as a sculptor, the gestures are similar, erasing matter to add light stroke by stroke. From then on unveiled bodies have a spectral presence.

Since 2017, after years escorted by failures, rejects, and wanderings, Paul de Pignol found the pictural language convenient  to his research.
This new exhibition, "Né du limon" is the result of this quest. Mainly oriented on landscapes, Paul de Pignol was inspired by his surrounding of the Fontainebleau forest, keeping in mind his late obsessions. The idea that any life can birth from rot inhabit and fascinate the artist. He creates organic and living landscapes, where you can feel peat and humus. For the first time, this exhibition will gather drawings, sculptures and canvas, joyous ans fertile renewing of subjects and mediums.