At the age when children are reciting poems by Paul Éluard in school, Tanc was drowning his boredom by mechanically scribbling on his notebooks doodles that were as beautiful as they were indecipherable.

Later, he was introduced to visual art through graffiti which eventually became Tanc's preferred medium and would later shape his style: action painting, gestural precision, material research, and chance...

After repetitively tagging the word "blaze" on the street, TANC ventured into abstract art in the beginning of the 2000s. He moved from creating public works to working in a studio, making pieces distinctive from traditional graffiti artists. He follows a specific method based on the line that is influenced by the materials he uses, his own name, and the way he used to tag.

Inspired by his travels in North Africa, where he studied Arabic, and in Asia, where he became interested in ideograms, he decided to create a series using the mechanical writing process that he had been practicing since his adolescence. In this regard, he is inspired by the pictorial works by the French writer-poet-painter, Henri Michaux, and his experiences creating his pieces while under the influence of mescaline.